you can't view MY source code!

Try clicking the button below:

Obviously, some client-side javascript is calling that alert() function.

But where is that source code?

I propose a challenge. If you can take a screenshot of the actual contents of the javascript file
and email it to me at (along with how you solved it), I will add your name to the list below:
(because of the amount of emails I'm getting, I can't respond to all of them, but I will add your name when I can!)

solved by

v2: Steven He, Scott Kim, Paul Sage, Rob Gibbons, gao日天, alexh7h, Arthur M, Sean Nicolay, Jason Freidman, Keith Winstein, Bryan English, thomastay, Charles Ambrye, Billy Chiu, Marc Burns, aib, Karl Phillips, Thomas Zhao, Jayden Sim, Malte, phloximaxi, 0x72, Alwin B, Ardi HP, Heraclite, Marc Espin + endes0 + tarod, Keith Winstein, simon-id, Maggie L, Phil Hord, Joseph Dombroski, jinnko, Vincent Boc, nortti, Chris Heald, Sam Gentle, Miguel Rangel, molyvius, Mikkel-T, Hannes Bredberg

v1: Benjamin S, Dan King, Maggie L, Kevin Batdorf, Cristiano Belloni, Antoine Guilbault, Brent Schultz, Faizuddin Mohammed, Andrew Matecha, Michael Moore, Nick Allevato, Andrew McWatters, Daniel Yarochewsky, Elahd Bar-Shai\xa0, Colten Jackson, Adam Golebiowski, Steven He, Mees Boeijen, Jefferson Hudson, David Fluck, Martin, Matthew Haley, Samuel Matos, Andrew Johnson, Maximilian Sun, Eli Kogan-Wang, Giovanni Funchal, Niels Terwiesch, Mircea Livadariu, Sander ten Brinke, Chris P, Michael H, Steven H, Markus T, Fathy B, Alwin B, 4oo4, sandreas, Thomas S, Loren S, James S, Rob G, Bryan E, zva, Brad H, Chris H, Christophe T-D, Sam G, Jules B, Troy D, Hristo B, Alex G, anirudh b, Diyar O, Jayden S, Nathan C, Isaac R + Zubin B, John R, James B, Julien A, 0x72, Ricardo I, Sebastian L, Tristan H, Natsumi,

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